Zincworks 001


Zincworks 001
Acrylic on canvas
125cm x 95cm
Framed in Tas Oak

The Zincworks sits on one half of Lutana, a small suburb in Glenorchy. The factory's footprint is stamped into the landscape such that the mass of silos, conveyor belts and machinery housings match the natural shape of the hill it is cut into. Ores from around Tasmania slowly churn through its belly, producing rich materials for export whilst leaching heavy metals into the silt and sand throughout the Derwent Estuary. Coated in its own dust, reducing the contrast of its angular construction to a blur of greens and browns, the Zincworks has become the landscape.

Zinkworks 001 is a reminder that the structures we build do not sit on top of the landscape, but are a part of it.

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