The Swings - 4/6

$200.00 / Sold Out

Edition 4 of 6
Signed and numbered, each with unique colours & spray pattern
Acrylic spray paint on 300gsm paper
420mm x 594mm (A2)

The Swings is inspired by a section of a recently finished mural. Every two years over Easter I repaint a wall on the Brooker Highway, usually just reworking the group of masks I first painted there in 2018.

I wake up every morning to a view out my window of seldom used treated pine play equipment at the fence-line of an old farming property. Often collected in the pine tree above are the local cockatoo gang making sure we all know the day has started. It's an assemblage that's always drawn me and wanted to paint.

This year when re-painting my Brooker wall, at the last minute I decided to paint a series of abstract play ground objects based on the view out my window and memories of the ones I frequented as a child.

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